How To Help

Interested in making a difference to Nepal through Ten Friends?   We offer several opportunities for you to get involved and to support our programs:

Make a Donation 

By making a donation you will allow Ten Friends to financially support our programs and projects.  We provide the opportunity to donate to a specific project or to make a general donation to either Ten Friends or to the Elevate Nepal Initiative.  Make a Donation 

Become a Friend of Ten Friends

Your contribution will allow Ten Friends to financially support our programs, projects and activities.  By becoming a Friend of Ten Friends, you will also receive advanced notification of events that are held throughout the year, digital copies of our newsletters and other communications.  We also offer a Free Option that will allow you to learn more about our programs and projects and to hopefully contribute in the future.  Become a Friend.   As another option, you can Sign up for our Free Newsletter

 Purchase a Product for Use in Nepal

Through our visits to Nepal and based on our conversations with community members, we have identified several products/items that are needed in Nepal.  By making a purchase,  you will allow Ten Friends to buy the product and to see that it is provided directly to those who could benefit most.  View our Product Catalog and make your purchase on-line.

Make a Required Minimum Distribution Donation 

If you have a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) on your IRA account or an inherited account and you do not need the funds, donating directly from your IRA to Ten Friends is a great option. Effectively you can support our work by allowing your dollars to go further.  In making a charitable donation directly from your IRA to Ten Friends you can avoid some of the income tax that would be required to be paid from a standard withdrawal. 

Attend an Event

Ten Friends encourages you to attend one of our events.  We hold fund-raising events throughout the year that provide you the opportunity to learn more about our programs and to meet others who likely share similar interests.  View our upcoming events. 

Spread the Word

We follow our motto and believe that "If each of us tells ten friends about what is needed…and each of them tells ten friends…and each of them tells ten friends…then what we can accomplish has no limits. That’s the power of Ten Friends!”    How to Spread the Word

 Bottle Drop Fundraising

The Bottle Drop Fundraiser continues to provide a steady source of funds. Ten Friends started its Blue Bag Bottle Drop Program in 2021.  If you live in Central Oregon, it's easy to participate by just donating  your bottle returns.  View more information on the Bottle Drop Program

Become a Corporate or Business Sponsor

We welcome Corporations and Businesses to participate with Ten Friends. We encourage you to contact us in order to discuss opportunities to contribute to one or more of our projects or to start a new program.  Please email Bruce Abernethy, President of our Board of Directors, at  or give him a call at (541) 771-0463

Ten Friends Commitment 

Ten Friends is committed to using donor money efficiently. Ten Friend's spent a lot of time early on identifying key people in Nepal who could be trusted to run quality programs in a cost-efficient manner.  Whether it is money spent on education, books, clothing, food or travel, we raise the money locally and deliver it directly to our Nepal projects.

Our organization and administrative expenses are minimal.  To run the organization, we rely on talented and dedicated volunteers. We have no paid staff in the United States and employ/contract with facilitators/implementors in Nepal.  We incur some fundraising expenses for various events throughout the year plus some modest operational/bookkeeping/tax preparation expenses, but we try to practice the Nepali trait of frugality!

We hope you will consider contributing to Ten Friends, in any amount and manner that is meaningful to you. Your donations to Ten Friends are tax-deductible (EIN# 30-0284653).

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