Hopeful Home Orphanage

There are over 400 orphanages in Kathmandu, Nepal. Ten Friends supported many of these orphanages over the years by providing beds, food, water filters, cooking supplies, and school uniforms.

In 2008, Ten Friends developed a special relationship with the Hopeful Home Orphanage (HHO) and helped them to purchase a new home.  This was a huge relief to the children and the staff of the orphanage because making rent payments is very difficult. An activities manager was hired to give the children more structure and routine. In 2009, we hired a full-time activities director and tutor.

The orphanage was and is an independent, non-profit, non-political, and non-religious charitable organization.  At the time Ten Friends began focusing on Hopeful Home, they were renting a small house on the outskirts of Kathmandu, with over 40 children in cramped quarters. Ten Friends raised money here in the US to assist Hopeful Home in the purchase of a larger house.

Thanks to our donors life is good for the children at the Hopeful Home Orphanage and for future generations of homeless children who live there. They now live in safer and cleaner conditions and have a stable environment. These kids have a real home. It’s their home.  

Hopeful Home has always recognized the crucial role of education in providing the children with the means to realize their potential. The children at Hopeful Home graduate at higher rates and with higher test scores than is average for Nepali children.

Through the years Ten Friends has taken over 40 Sisters, Oregon high school seniors to Nepal, and most spent one or two nights at Hopeful Home playing games with the children and helping them with their homework, with both the Oregon students and the children learning so many important lessons from the interactions. The Oregon students' costs were borne by their families. Young people helping other young people is a win-win proposition.

Other Orphanage Projects

Besides the Hopeful Home, many other orphanages in Nepal are unable to meet the basic needs of children. For example, many orphanages are short on mattresses and beds which means children sleep directly on concrete floors. Some of these orphanages have water purification equipment, but most do not. Scabies and other skin problems are common in orphanages due to poor hygiene and malnutrition. Many orphanage children are stunted (low height for age). A large percentage of Nepali people have intestinal parasites. Slowly but surely, we will improve these conditions with your help.

You can help by donating to the Hopeful Home Orphanage 

Help the Children.  Improving the lives of orphanage children in Nepal is one of our main priorities. Ten Friends is eager to provide filtered water, mattresses, and beds for more orphans. The cost to sponsor a  water filter is $200. Orphanages without electricity need gravity fed ceramic filters costing $25 each. Other sponsorship options are $40 per mattress, bunk bed sponsorships at $150 each, or school sponsorships at $240 per child for one year of school.

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