drinking Water Filters project

Drinking water in Nepal comes from several sources:

  1. Shallow wells, 
  2. Public taps provided by the government, or
  3.  Streams. 

None of these are very good options.  The tap water is hazardous especially to children as it’s frequently not properly treated and is laden with bacteria. The wells produce water from the shallow water table that is frequently contaminated, and the streams are often polluted by upstream use.

Safe drinking water is a huge problem in Nepal and throughout the world.  Years ago Ten Friends began installing water filters in orphanages. Each of these water filters provides safe drinking water for the children and staff – up to 100 people per filter.

Purchase a Water Filter

Your tax-deductible purchase will pay for the cost of the Water Filter.  Ten Friends will arrange for the installation of the water filter and train locals on how to use and maintain it.  Thank you! 


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